Social Buttons for Twitter Bootstrap 3

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Gorgeous Social Network Buttons

Gorgeous, vector, zoomable, Retina-ready, and customisable social media buttons using Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Oh, and they're free too!

Download social-buttons-3.css (v1.0.0, 20kb raw)

Many social networks and applications

Any size you want

Any content you need

Example usage

is just 1 line of HTML code:

<button class="btn btn-facebook"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i> | Connect with Facebook</button>

Quick installation

  1. Download social-buttons-3.css and include in your project. Done!


Full instructions can be found here, but basically:

  1. Navigate to the Github project.
  2. Add social-buttons-3.css to your app (or import social-buttons-3.less into your bootstrap.less file)
  3. Use buttons!


Made with by @noizwaves.

Code licensed under Apache License v2.0.